True Destiny Ministries Church

The Heartbeat of our ministry. Always praying and delegating according to the will of God.  We follow Her as she follows Christ.

Senior Pastor Joyce Dawson


The anchor of our ministry. Bible Study ​Professor, Chief Clergy Adviser & Men Of Faith President. Your in good hands.

Pastor Dwight Dawson


Installed to Impact leadership. Feed The Houseless Outreach Director . Usher Director &  Women On Fire President.

Evangelists Sylvia Lane & Cierra Floyd & Minister Wayman Lane

Leadership Staff (Ministry)

“He taught us to take care of the Orphan. He showed us to love on the Widow & feed the Houseless”.

-Senior Pastor Joyce Dawson

“We counter loneliness by giving. Sometimes a sandwich & a hug is just what people need to get by.”

-Evangelist Sylvia Lane - Feed The Houseless Outreach Director

"Making the main thing, the main thing and that's souls for Christ Kingdom."

-Senior Pastor Joyce Dawson 

Our Mission

To build the Word of God in the people and build people in the Word of God.

Train the people of God on how to apply the Word in their daily lives.

To empower them to be problems solvers in their neighborhoods.

Through the teaching and training process, the members will be activated in the five fold ministry gifts and offices and to be strengthened and empowered to do the work of the ministry.


Usher, Kingdom Kidz, Media Ministry, Hospitality Ministry, Hostess Ministry, 

Music Ministry, Youth Ministry

Women's Ministry (​Women on Fire)

Men's Ministry (Men of Faith)

Houseless Ministry (Feeding the Homeless)

Nursing Home Ministry, Dance Ministry

Our Vision

Our Vision is to encourage, uplift and propel you to your True Destiny. It's our vision to introduce the love of Christ to all people and to let you know he can build and restore lives. He will 


1/22/2020 "Life In The Word" Bible Study

Every Wednesday at 7:30pm we dig in God's word and ask amazing questions. Join us and absorb wisdom and knowledge from our Leadership.

Women On Fire: Trust The Journey Conference 2020

Ladies its our time to pamper one another through Christ. Join us as we edify one another through faith. This years theme is "Trust The Journey". It will be hosted at the Holiday Inn in Hollywood, FL. You can register on

Feed The Houseless Outreach

Every quarter we go from behind the four walls and feed, minister and pray with the Houseless. The believe the term "Homeless" is insensitive to the many who have a home just not a house. We are so excited to present Christ in a warm manner! Join Us! 2/15/2020

Partner With Us!

Every dollar counts. We are humbled and grateful for your contribution and support as we continue to change our communities to progressive change. Thank you.