True Destiny Ministry Church

Senior Pastor Joyce Dawson

I wrote some words for the Month of  FEBRUARY 2021 & i hope it encourages and quickens you to not give up, keep pushing. Striving towards the mark in the high calling in Christ Jesus. 

The Pastors Desk

  We already in the first quarter of a new year still in a pandemic people are leaving this earth quickly, Pastors, church leaders family & friends, my only prayer is they made peace with our father before they transitioned.

I believe 2021 will be a turning point in many people lives those who say they know the Lord will be challenged more in their faith, you will have to make a decision to be HOT or COLD luke warm is not a part of God's DNA.

Decisions will have to be made your faith will be challenged, but as long as you are on the Lord's side you will get through this (this too shall pass). Go back to your first love stir up the gift inside of you don't lose hope better days are coming, your better days will come if you only trust and believe they will.

Seek the Lord while he is able to be found!


In His Service, 

-Pastor Joyce Dawson

Senior Pastor

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